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User Manuals Template for Notion

Jordan Krueger
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Help your team define and share their work style with peers and managers to shorten the learning curve of onboarding and team building.

What is a "user manual"?

User manuals are a tool to help our coworkers understand us better. Simply put, it's a personal profile that includes probing questions about a person's communication style, direction on how they like to receive feedback, and how they approach conflict. After creating these profiles, our managers and coworkers can reference the manual to guide the way they work with us.

Testimonial for user manuals

"I learned some practical tips about how to deal with my co-workers. When my immediate neighbor wears headphones, I now know she doesn’t want to be disturbed (*sorry, Sarah!*). Corinne is on the west coast, and at times is offline managing child care, so it’s helpful to know when she’s out of reach, and that she can feel cut off from the rest of us." —Oliver Staley in Quartz

What's inside

  • A full introduction to user manuals for the project manager, with supporting links
  • A plan to get your team onboard with user manuals
  • A comprehensive user manual template for team members with guidance and tips
  • Links to sample user manuals for inspiration
  • Detailed instructions for team members, explaining how to add a new user manual in the Notion database

You'll benefit from this if...

  • You're working with a team of people
  • You want your team to learn more about each other
  • You want your team to communicate more effectively
  • You don't want to spend the time researching and creating your own user manual template

You don't need to be a tech team or a non-profit team for user manuals to be beneficial.

Why I created this

I was introduced to the user manuals concept a few years ago as part of a team-building and redefining exercise, and found it to be incredibly helpful in not only learning more about myself, but understanding what motivates my team mates and helps them bring their full selves to to our work.

As a long-time user of Notion – where I not only keep and organize everything I can from my own life, but also my small business (CampaignHelp)! – I know that teams who use Notion can build lasting structure through documentation and project management. It makes perfect sense that Notion would be a home for user manuals!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this work on the free version of Notion? Yes. Notion has a generous free personal plan. You don't need to pay Notion to use this template.
  • How do I use the template? After you've made the purchase, you'll receive the link immediately and use that to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace.
  • Is there a refund policy? If you're having trouble with the template, please contact me (info below) and I'll be happy to assist you and discuss a refund, within 30 days of purchase, if that makes the most sense.
  • Can I share the User Manual Template with my team or friends? Purchasing the template provides a license for all of one company's employees. You'll have all the access you need for your team, or company, to create user manuals. But please do not share the template with friends or others outside your company. If you need a license for a second business entity, reach out to me for a discount.
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User Manuals Template for Notion

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